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Ongoing Financial Planning

As our personal financial situations are ever evolving, subscription based planning has rapidly become the most recommended planning method among CFP® practitioners. True financial planning is an ongoing lifelong process and your plan must adapt to all of life's changes.


The subscription fee model begins with a One-Time Plan covering all essential planning topic. Additionally, it includes ongoing access to your CFP® practitioner, regularly scheduled check-in meetings to review and update your plan as life and the economy ebb and flow, as well as periodic check ins initiated by your planner to proactively address financial considerations and opportunities that may arise for you.

For one affordable flat fee you enjoy:

  • Consistent access to a fiduciary and expert in investments, taxes, employee benefits, and more.

    • Ayour personal CFP® practitioner, I have the expert advice in mind for your every financial decision, and your best interest at heart, always. 

  • The ability to meet at a pace that works for you.

    • We will review and update your plan regularly, either quarterly or semiannually per your needs and preference.

  • Unlimited calls, texts or emails between meetings to stay attuned.

    • Connect with me when you want, how you want. Have to make a quick decision during open enrollment or before your options expire? No problem, let's jump on a call. I'm here as you need me.

  • To feel supported at every stage of your journey.

    • You’ll always know how you’re progressing towards the outcomes you want to achieve in life. As the occasional surprise may pop up- a promotion, job change, pregnancy, etc- we can get easily reassess and update your plan in order to keep it fresh and relevant.

  • Educational content to help you learn what works for you.

    • I will provide jargon-free educational resources along each step of the way so that you learn steadily as we go through each topic, and can feel calm and comfortable with your finances from this day forward.

  • Clarity and confidence on your money matters.

    • Money is time and time again a top stressor for people everywhere. But it doesn't have to be. Working with me will bring you the clarity and confidence that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to make your money work hardest for you.

Let's Get To Work

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