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Financial Planning Service Options

Our services are rendered for one transparent, flat fee.  We are free of conflicts of interest and will never

sell you anything; all of our advice and recommendations to you are in your best interest, always.


Financial Advice
Hourly Advising

Includes project-based advice, such as creating a home purchase savings plan or drafting a debt management plan. Fees are billed hourly per quarter hour with a three hour minimum.


  • Cash accounts review

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Emergency fund analysis

  • Financial advice on one or two specific top of mind money matters, e.g.​​

    • Home buying​

    • Retirement check-up

    • Debt management

    • Family and/or charitable giving


Financial Check Up
One-Time Financial Plan

$1,800-$6,250 per plan*

Over the course of 6 months, we will build a comprehensive financial plan that optimizes each aspect of your financial life, and teaches you the best practices for your unique situation. 


Everything from Financial Advice plus

  • Financial literacy & education

  • Goal identification & prioritization e.g.

    • Home buying​

    • Vacation planning

    • Family and/or charitable giving

  • Debt management 

  • Employee benefits optimization 

  • Retirement plan analysis 

    • Including FIRE planning​

  • Investment portfolio and asset allocation review

  • Tax projections and planning

  • Insurance coverage analysis

  • Education planning

  • Estate plan review

*Fee calculated based on complexity.


Financial Planning
Ongoing Planning
$100-$250 per month*

For clients who have already created an initial One-Time Plan, we can continue to work together to strengthen your financial knowledge, habits and decision-making in support of your long-term financial success. 

Includes Ongoing:

  • An ongoing accountability partner

  • Year-to-year retirement analyses and optimized strategies

  • Tax efficiency planning, and taking advantage of legislation changes

  • Financial education and money mindset behavior coaching

  • Open Enrollment assistance

  • Ongoing equity analysis & decision-making (ISOs, RSUs, NSOs, ESPP)

  • Credit card optimization ("hacking")

  • Regular check-in meetings to update and implement the plan

  • Unlimited messages with your advisor as new financial considerations arise (e.g. a promotion, marriage, or other job or life change) 

*Fee calculated based on complexity.

Estimated client fees are based on complexity, and will be calculated and presented during the introductory meeting process. Sage Financial Planning, LLC retains the discretion to negotiate alternative fees on a client-by-client basis based on the expected complexity of the client situation and estimated time required to complete the project scope and/or plan.


Income level, net worth, dependent status, property ownership, equity compensation awards and other miscellaneous complexities such as business ownership and trust ownership are factors that will impact the applicable planning fee.

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