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How Sage Financial Can Help
A Breakdown of the Planning Topics We Can Work Through Together

Cash Flow

We'll check up on the money coming in and going out to balance a healthy savings rate with your lifestyle.

Debt Management

From credit card and student loan pay down strategies to mortgage planning, we'll ensure that you're paying down your debt the right way.

Employee Benefits Review

Your salary is just one benefit offered by your employer. We'll also look for planning opportunities in benefits like retirement, equity & insurance.


We'll analyze your recent tax filings and talk through your options to lower your current tax bill while optimizing your long-term tax planning.


From how investing works to knowing when it's right to invest your hard-earned cash savings for future goals. Sage Financial embraces a low-cost, passive investment strategy.


The big ticket item! When can you retire,  and when will you have the flexibility to walk away from a job or career that no longer serves you. What are you options for taking a career break or sabbatical? We may spend a good bit of time here.

Risk & Insurance Management

A comprehensive insurance review and recommendations to protect yourself and what's yours, as well as minimize risks moving forward. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential for ensuring that your wishes are followed following your death. Protecting your assets, caring for your children, and minimizing costs and headaches for your loved ones are just a few goals of an effective estate plan.

Behavioral Finance

Money is incredibly behavioral, and most of us can benefit from unlearning some habits and beliefs so as to learn what truly works for us. Let's explore your money mindset, and how to improve financial decision making.

To address the full spectrum of unique client needs, Sage Financial can introduce additional subjects into a financial planning client’s plan as needed, such as goal identification & prioritization, behavioral change strategies, F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) preparation, real estate planning, marriage or divorce planning, charitable giving, and business ownership planning. 

Looking for our fees? See our transparent fee schedule.

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