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Breaking Free: Understanding the Concept of Financial Freedom

When you think of the term "Financial Freedom", what comes to mind?

Maybe you think of big ticket items such as early retirement, sabbaticals or career breaks. Buying your dream house, car, or finally taking that vacation you daydream about. Being able to afford to have the child/ren that you yearn for, with or without a partner, and maybe even be able to take extended time away from work to bond with and raise them.

Financial freedom can be all of these things, and yet it is also so much more.

Statistic showing that 73% of Americans rank their finances as their number one stress in life. Let's change that. Sage Financial San Diego Financial Planner 92116.

Beyond the large goals that Financial Freedom can afford you, I find that the sweet spot is really in the "little" day-to-day things:

  • The satisfaction of being able to make purchases without stressing about whether you can afford them.

  • The calm and confident feeling when faced with money decisions.

  • The peace of mind of having an emergency fund.

  • The privilege of being high-interest debt free.

  • The ability to walk away from situations that do not serve you: toxic jobs, unsafe living situations, unhealthy romantic or family relationships.

  • The comfort of living the life that you want, how you want.

Taking steps towards Financial Freedom is an underutilized yet incredibly powerful path to creating your dream life, and it all begins with the right determination, education, tools and support.

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📌 Sage Financial Planning LLC helps young and mid-career professionals know and do better with their finances and work towards financial freedom. For more information on our holistic financial planning offerings, please visit our Services page.

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